Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Introduction of sorts

Hello hello hello!

My name is Mazie, but you can call me
Missy, Maz, Mazily, Mazerbeams or Boots.

I am a writer, a reader, a lover of life, my boyfriend, music, creativity and simplicity! I spend most of my time reading comic books, playing video games, and watching K-drama's! I enjoy thrifting, drinking tea, and exploring. I collect old suit cases, vintage cameras, books, yarn, vintage postcards, and boots.

Here are some facts:
- I am 20 years old
- I live in Ontario.
- I went to Brock University for Enlgish Literature, with a Philosophy double major, for 2 years
- I have been accepted to Fanshawe for Fashion Merchandising and plan to pursue a career in Fashion Journalism.
- I write poetry and I have also written for a few local magazines, a couple anthologies and I was a writer for the Brock Press Arts and Life section

What you can expect from AwkwardBoots is a whole lot of everything.

The main focus of this blog will be Fashion, including trends, trendsetting, DIY, as well as how to make the life you live, just a little bit more beautiful.

Expect tutorials, interviews, features and all kinds of perfection!

I hope you follow me on my journeys through the fashion world, and find some inspiration in my writing!

- Stay Classy,
 <3 AwkwardBoots

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