Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday: Tutorial Round Up!

If I have noticed anything trending lately in the DIY world....it would have to be altering and enhancing what is already in your wardrobe instead of going out and buying a whole new seasons worth of clothes. People love having one of a kind pieces, creative eye grabbers and thrifty-looking finds. So here are some tutorials I found that will give you some ideas for refreshing, revamping and recycling lasts years staple pieces! 

inspiration and realisation: DIY Fashion - DIY Home: add a flare
Have an old tank top, that you're bored with? Give it a little flare!!

::: OutsaPop Trashion ::: DIY fashion by Outi Pyy :::: Trash To Couture
Favourite shirt getting a little worn out? Add some lace!

inspiration and realisation: DIY fashion blog: DIY white shirt gets a party look with lace
Everyone is wearing collared shirts these days, Make your's special!

DIY fashion individual sunglasses #sunglasses fun
Have an old pair of sunglasses that you don't want to wear two summers in a row? Make them your own!

DIY off the cuff
Jeans to capri's a bit too bland for you? STUDS!

DIY: Clothes & Accessories - Paperblog

The simple flip flops were a hit last year....this year, not so much! Add a scarf!

and lastly, and personally my favourite!!!!

diy clothes

GET YOUR DYE ON! There are soooo many options these days for dying clothes! Get creative!

Well that's it for today folks!
Hope this gave you some good ideas!
 Leave a comment if you have any questions, or any other good ideas! OR IF YOU TRIED SOMETHING! :) I WANT TO SEE HOW IT TURNED OUT!

Thanks for reading,
Have a glorious day, where-ever you are!
- Stay Wonderous

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