Friday, March 8, 2013

Thrifting Tip #1

Back in the day (I'm fully aware that I am not actually that old) thrifting was basically a mission.
First you had to find the thrift stores, which were hard to come by, then you had to rummage, dig, search, dig, and try to find buried treasures! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON FINDING A SIZE!

These days thrifting is thankfully, a growing trend. People want things with a story; conversation pieces.
So more and more awesome thrift shops are popping up, and store owners have started working out the kinks a bit. Now items are organized, clean, and easy to navigate through. Thrifting is not stressful anymore, in fact, its almost a walk in the park. There's just one thing turns people away from thrifting, and that is  FINDING A SIZE!

When people walk into a thrift shop, they get overwhelmed with the chaotic, what I like to call the "One-of-a-kind effect" As shoppers, we are conditioned to seeing uniform shelves and stacks of the same things, all colour coded and organized, and when a conditioned shopper walks into a thrift hits them like a ton of bricks.

I have taken numerous people thrifting, and the first thing they complain about is finding sizes. So here are some tips, or one tip rather for finding the right fit:



I know right!? Surprised?

One thing, that you will come to realize is that no matter how long you searched for your size 6 pair jeans, they may not actually be a size 6.

The reason for this is that 9 times out of 10, if you find something worth trying on in a thrift store, cause lets face're not going to like everything....its probably old! And the older the clothing is the more off there sizing will be! Sizing charts are constantly changing to keep up with the human body and its changes, so your best bet is not spending your precious time "size scavenging" but guesstimate the sizes. Hold things up, try things on, and don't ever feel discouraged, there will always be something.

Next week we'll talk about finding the perfect vintage dress, by body type and style of dress! But for now, go pop some tags!

Have a Thrifty day!
- Mazie

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