Monday, March 11, 2013

Make-Up for Spring: Cat Eye's

I'm going to be focusing on Make-Up for Spring, this week. So to start us off, I'm going to talk about one of my ALL YEAR LONG favourites: The Cat Eye.

Today we are going to focus on good cat eye's for Spring, and the do's and do not's!

Firstly, for Spring, people want to look fresh and airy. It's not very likely for you to see harsh and bright eye shadows. A common mistake made by people trying out the Cat Eye for the first time, is they draw very dark, thick and dramatic lines.

cat eye make up for CATWOMAN costume?

This, though they are perfect for the cat walk, evenly drawn, and pretty interesting,this kind of cat eye is something you want to avoid this spring.

You want to go for a softer  palette, so here are some softer versions of the cat eye, that I found (ON PINTEREST)

 pretty eye make-up...I love a cat-eye, and I love the gold touch here.

Soft cat eye make-up, maybe for wedding?

If you want to get a little bit more dramatic but still keep it Spring-y, then try using softer blues, or purples, with a dark coloured liner, try a dark brown, or bronze liquid liner!

Now I don't mean go out and do something like this:
blue sombra shadow eyes make up maquillaje ojos suave soft dia day celeste blue azul

I mean a softer approach like this:

Brown Eye Shadow soft touch!


Ivory or cream and purple eyeshadow with cat-eye liner


Love when shadows match eye colors.  Soft and beautiful.

I hope this gives you some ideas and a fresh new outlook on Spring Make-Up.
Don't hesitate to send me pictures of your favourite Cat Eye's or your favourite Spring shadows!

Stay Beautiful,
- Maz

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